Leasing Mercedes in the South East

Lease Mercedes-Benz cars from Sandown Lease

Blog created: 29/02/2016

If your business requires lease vehicles in the South-East of England then Sandown Lease is perfect for professional and friendly business car leasing. Sandown understand that travel is a unique but compulsory part of many businesses, and as first impressions count, they want to help you get the best package for you and your company.

Sandown Lease have six dealerships throughout Dorset, Hampshire and Surrey to ensure that your business, no matter how small or large can always carry on smoothly. For car leasing that is economical, suitable and affordable, there are bespoke packages on offer for all customers. With over 30 years working with Mercedes-Benz, Sandown is a first choice car leasing company offering cars, new or old, for every occasion.

At Sandown they know that whilst you have your business to run you don’t need to waste too much of your time looking for a lease car, and therefore promise to ensure that as soon as they know what you’re looking for, their expert fleet team will do the leg work for you.

Mercedes-Benz cars are not what you could describe as ‘ordinary cars’, and Sandown Lease was created to ensure that no matter what model, colour or style you choose, you will be expertly taken through each step before you lease a car, giving you full confidence in any agreement you make with the group.

In the automotive world, the C Class Saloon C 200 Sport is a muchly sought after car from Mercedes-Benz. This saloon is more striking, more dynamic and more powerful than ever, with new suspension technology and an innovative damping system. The automatic air conditioning, electric heated seats and full leather interior ensure a drive of comfort no matter where you are going.

Also in the Mercedes Benz range is the E-Class Saloon E220 BlueTEC SE, a car which oozes convenience whilst showcasing performance, agility and power. This saloon is athletic with a strong engine to fulfil the driver’s needs and ambitions.

The Mercedes-Benz cars on offer at Sandown Lease are ever increasing, and showcase an impressive selection to suit anyone’s needs ensuring an affordable leasing agreement.

As you and your business are the highest priority at Sandown, they do not only offer car lease but a variety of other services including repairs, parts and services. For car leasing in Dorchester or surrounding areas and to see the regularly updated promotions and deals visit www.sandownlease.co.uk.

Get in touch with your nearest branch today and follow them on Twitter @sandownmercedes.

Content Supplied by Millie Forster