Why its important to protect your car with an enclosed vehicle trailer

Enclosed vehicle trailers from Eco-Trailer to keep your vehicle protected

Article created: 18/10/2016

If you need to transport your vehicle a considerable distance, whether it be a classic vintage car or a speedy motorbike, you need to do it safely and make sure it has maximum protection. The team at Eco-Trailer understand the importance of looking after your vehicle and they supply top of the range, fully customisable enclosed vehicle trailers to customers not only in the UK but from all corners of the world. With a friendly and experienced team who have been in this business for 25 years, you can trust them to manufacture a closed car trailer that will be strong, long-lasting and great value for money.

An obvious reason for using an enclosed car trailer when you’re transporting your vehicles is that it will protect them from any damage on the way. Most roads have rubble and debris that is likely to bounce up around vehicles traveling at high speeds, even if you can’t really see it. Enclosed car trailers will prevent this rubble from scratching the paintwork or causing any other damage to your vehicle, keeping it looking pristine for when you arrive at your destination.

Furthermore, as winter approaches, the cold temperature and wet weather could cause damage when towing a vehicle on an open car trailer. If precipitation like sleet, snow or hail is falling, your vehicle and the equipment that comes with it needs to be shielded from the weather. If you have a covered car trailer from Eco-Trailer, you won’t have to worry about wet or windy weather causing harm to your vehicle.

Not only do enclosed vehicle trailers protect your car, but they provide the most secure solution for transporting vehicles as well. Eco-Trailer ensure that their website is regularly updated with the latest legal safety regulations and recommendations from industry experts, so you can be sure you are always using your covered car trailer in the most secure and effective way. Furthermore, all Eco-Trailer enclosed car trailers are supplied with a Certificate of Conformity and Eco-Trailer also has European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval (ECWVTA).

The enclosed vehicle trailers manufactured by Eco-Trailer come in a range of different sizes, styles, colours and finishes. As stated previously, they are flexible with their designs and will customise any trailer so it can adapt to the needs of the customer, making Eco-Trailer one of the best suppliers of enclosed car trailers in the country. Some of the most popular designs sold by Eco-Trailer are the Velocity RS Covered Car Trailer, the Titan Enclosed Car Trailer and the Nano Covered Smart Car Trailer, all of which guarantee full protection of your car when you’re travelling from place to place.

If you are interested in an enclosed car trailer from Eco-Trailer, you can get in touch with them today via their website. Their friendly and professional team are happy to talk you through the different trailers and accessories they have on offer as well as giving you a tour of their factory in Nunthorpe, Cleveland, so you fully understand the process they go through to manufacture each individual covered car trailer.