Taking to the road on two wheels involves an element of danger, as well as the thrill of the ride. Riders are exposed to all kinds of risks, which is why their protection is of paramount importance.

Classic motorcycle clothing and classic motorcycle helmets are an essential part of the riding experience. They offer protection for the motorcyclist and a certain element of style. The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) recently carried out a survey which found that 85% of motorcyclists consider protection the most important factor when purchasing clothing, alongside comfort and fit. Almost half of the riders surveyed noted that the right information on protective clothing was difficult to find and is a time consuming process.

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Customers don’t have to spend hours trawling the internet as Custom Lids provides professional advice six days a week either in store or online. Safety is ensured with all of their motorcycle clothing and helmets as they only stock well established brands with manufacturers who design, manufacture and test all of their products.

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